Café Cuba

Cubita is cuban coffee of the highest quality. The production is 100% organic – No fertilizer o pesticides of any kind are used and almost all of the processing is done by hand.

The coffee is a very dark roasted espresso coffee, consisting only of the arabica beans. The arabica bean is the most common type and is recognized to have the best taste. However it does not produce as much ”crema” (the foam on top of the espresso) as for instance the robusta bean.

Cubita means ”little Cuba” in spanish, which is an appropriate description of the small special microclimates in the mountainous parts of Cuba where the coffee is cultivated.
More information regarding area of cultivation.

The coffee is offered in different quantities from 115 grams to 1 kilogram, and is offered i beans or grounded – ready to brew. The coffee is typically vacuum packed and can therefore be enjoyed within one year from production.

The coffee beans are quality controlled, mixed and toasted in Cuba to always ensure the optimal and consistent taste experience.
More information regarding the production.

We have personally from Café Cuba visited Cuba to oversee the coffee plantations as well as the production facilities. The growth of the coffee, the production and export are therefore well documented on this domain.

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